About Me​

Hi There! I’m Christof Babinsky An Artist, Entrepreneur and Tech Enthusiast.

Christof Babinsky is an entrepreneur and designer. His work often revolves around the use of glass and lighting elements and regulary follows the principle of “form follows function”.

Christof has a unique view on how the world works and challenges existing concepts with disruptive ideas. His company ASB GlassFloor is currently introducing a revolutionary glass sports floor that shows lines by illuminating the floor from below.

Christof approached the world of art and architecture through his brand ASB Architectural and realises collaborations with internationally reowned artists and brands as well as architectural installations for clients around the globe.

He has a strong interest in the border between the digital and analogue world. This is reflected in his work and in his art.

Curriculum Vitae

Christof Babinsky, Managing Director at ASB SquashCourts // ASB GlassFloor // ASB Architectural is a tireless innovator, bringing disruptive innovations to the markets of sports floors, squash courts and interior/exterior architecture. His work is mainly around the use of glass and lighting elements and almost always shows elements of multi-functionality. He believes in form meets function and provides uncompromising user experiences through design. The ASB GlassFloor allows to only make required marking lines visible on a sports field with superior properties for investors and end users. His work in architecture is the introduction of LED surfaces as architectural solutions rather than advertising screens. His understanding of interactive systems in design and sports tracking provides futuristic experiences as well as professional sporting solutions.

Germany based Entrepreneur and Innovator
Majority owner of ASB Systembau Horst Babinsky GmbH
Directly managing the brands ASB SquashCourts, ASB GlassFloor, ASB Architectural
Shareholder at Babinsky Immobiliengesellschaft mbH
Intrinsically motivated leader of several high performing teams
Passionate about the design of high quality products and services

2004 First business founded, CHB Designs
2010 Graduated from UK University BA (hons)
2012 Managing Director ASB SquashCourts asbsquash.com
2013 Launch ASB GlassFloor asbglassfloor.com
2014 Launch ASB PermanentGlassCourt
2015 Launch ASB LumiFlex (LED Video Floor)
2015 Full Accreditation of ASB GlassFloor from most sports federations
2015 Co-Founder Babinsky Immobiliengesellschaft mbH
2016 Ownership and Director at ASB Squash and ASB GlassFloor
2016 Cooperation with Investment Firm Abacus Alpha
2016 First High End Competition Venue with ASB GlassFloor (Dresden Germany)
2017 Launch ASB Architectural with Microsoft HQ Project (Dublin) (asbarchitectural.com
2018 Launch Pooloop (Video Floor for Pools) pooloop.com
2019 German Innovation Award
2019 Launch of ASB AR (Interactive software for player tracking and interaction on a video floor in live tournaments and for gamification)
2019 Volleyball Supercup First Professional Sports Event Utilising ASB LumiFlex and ASB AR to Enhance Live Tournament Experience
2019 European Product Design Award
2020 Launch of ASB T-Point SquashCenter in Tel Aviv
2021 Board Member FIBA Board of Advisors
2021 Member IAKS Sportshall Experts

Awards / Honorary Positions
Winner Sammellinse, German Photographie Award
Sports Awards Traunstein (Local Sports Awards)
Yahoo Sports Technology Award
Sports Business Award (UK, Silver)
German Innovation Award
DNA Design Award
ISPO Award (Gold)
FIBA Board of Advisors
IAKS Sportshall Experts

Public Speaker
As a excellent speaker, innovator, material specialist and disruptor of certain industries Christof gets frequently booked as a speaker for expert events:
2013 Guest Speaker “Interessengruppe Licht” German Lighting Stakeholder Group
2015 Expert Speaker “Thementage Glas” (German Glass Industry Conference)
2016 Expert Speaker “GlassTech” (Leading Industry Fair)
2018 Expert Speaker “Spobis” Sports Business Congress
2019 Guest Speaker “IAKS Congress” Sports infrastructure Congress
2019 Expert Panelist “FRAM3 Lab” for Interfaces in Interior Design
2019 Expert Speaker “BMI Value Day” Corporate Conference for Purchasing Experts
2020 Guest Speaker “Glass Congress”
2020 Expert Panel “FRAM3 Lab” for material development in interior design
2020 Expert Panelist “Spobis” Sports Business Congress
2021 Expert Speaker Swiss Sports Forum
2022 Expert Panelist Sport + Marke Austria
2022 Guest lecture Milan Politechnico University
Ongoing: Frequent Design Talks in Leading Architecture Practises

Bath Spa University 2007-2010 – BA (Hons) – Business and Management
Schule Schloss Stein 2001-2007 – Abitur. Chosen main subjects: Business and Law, Maths, Physics and German Literature

Current Positions
2012 – today Managing Director Systembau Horst Babinsky GmbH
– asbsquash.com
– asbglassfloor.com
– asbarchitectural.com

2013 – today Managing Director Babinsky Immobiliengesellschaft mbH
Estate management

Work History
2009 – June 2012, Marketing Manager at Garador Ltd., Yeovil, UK.
2006, Owner at CHB Designs – graphical services and business consulting work.
2005-2006, Böck AG (Trostberg, Germany) – part-time marketing, design and advertisement.

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