Christof Babinsky

Is an entrepreneur and designer. His work often revolves around the use of glass and lighting elements and regularly follows the principle of “form follows function”. Christof approached the world of art and architecture through his brand ASB Architectural and realises collaborations with internationally renowned artists and brands as well as architectural installations for clients around the globe.

As an artist, Christof celebrates his debut with his exhibition at the Biennale Architectura 2023. He is represented by the art gallery xcircle.

Christof Babinsky

You can find his exhibition at the Palazzo Mora in Venice during the Biennale Architettura 2023 from the 20th of May until the 26th of November.



This is self-creation, emerging from chaos and evolving by itself.

With the 10 created NFT pieces in the collection CHAOS//LOOP 2023, the artist challenges the world of digital art by capturing art content that is created in the physical world, but can be only made possible by using a digital recording device.

The first three unique pieces can be bought on Manifold:

Christof Babinsky is officially represented by the art gallery xcircle.
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