This is self-creation, emerging from chaos and evolving by itself.

By pointing a camera at its own display screen, the artist creates a visual feedback loop. After fine adjustments in the positioning of the camera to the screen are made, the artist sets his canvas, a visual feedback loop that shows almost nothing but black. He then initiates his recordings by providing initial input to the system, in essence drawing on a screen, using the flame of a lighter or glimpses of other artists work. Once the initial input is provided, a landscape of altering forms and colours emerges by chance and chaos, without any further input by the artist. The adaptive system is set in motion and like life itself is ever changing until it either reaches equilibrium or a resonance catastrophe. Like life in the universe, the parameters in which the system can function and flourish are extremely small but once initiated, beautiful and strange worlds are created by unpredictable chaotic patterns that emerge autonomously. The artist uses a digital recording device, not only to capture moving imagery but as a tool of its own creation.
With the 10 created NFT pieces in the collection CHAOS//LOOP 2023, the artist challenges the world of digital art by capturing art content that is created in the physical world but only made possible by using a digital recording device. NFT art is often based on complex digital algorithms which make up the parameters that form moving imagery. Christof Babinsky’s works in CHAOS//LOOP 2023 are based on the parameters of physics in our physical world and use a system that can only exist due to modern, digital camera sensors. The application of the developed system makes the works as much ‘real art’ as painting oil on canvas, protected by the application of blockchain technology.

The Installation

The installation at Time Space Existence is utilising an architectural screen, called ASB Digital Wallpaper, designed and developed by the artist and designer Christof Babinsky as its canvas.
ASB’s DigitalWallpaper is not a screen in the classical sense. It is a product that allows the creation of high-end architectural surfaces, displaying art and digital content as an integral part of interior or exterior architecture. The designer does not accept current solutions for the display of digital art and challenges screens occupying architectural installations in general.
ASB’s DigitalWallpaper is an LED installation behind high-end, speciality treated safety glass, providing a visually and haptically pleasing architectural product. Using non-marking, non-reflecting, scratch resistant glass in a specific thickness and degree of matt finish optimised for the resolution of the LED screen used, which allows the viewer to observe the DigitalWallpaper at a 180° viewing angle, this product allows art and digital content in a high-end architectural setting. It is the opposite of exposing the viewer to a large number of individual LED light sources mounted to a circuit board that cannot be cleaned, collects dust, feels uncomfortable and will always cause a Moiré effect to the eye and to a cell phone camera.

Name of Artworks:


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