Digital Waterfall

Digital Waterfall
Microsoft HQ – Dublin – Ireland

A remarkable sight awaits employees and visitors at the new Microsoft campus in Ireland. A digital lake with a digital waterfall, consisting of thousands of LEDs, adds a futuristic touch to the spacious atrium. ASB GlassFloor adapted the glass flooring to meet the specific local requirements for its implementation. The result: an impressive visual experience that can also be utilized for events and presentations.

Microsoft has constructed its new 34,000 square meter campus in the Dublin suburb of Leopardstown. Various teams of the technology giant work here, and it is also home to their first data center outside the USA. In the modern star-shaped building, the company welcomes its over 2,000 employees and visitors in the entrance area with a lake and waterfall, both in digital form. ASB GlassFloor was responsible for bringing this vision to life.

For this flooring design, ASB GlassFloor developed a unique construction with a pixel pitch of 25 millimeters, ensuring a homogeneous surface that adapts to the building’s architecture while adding a futuristic touch. The entire 80 square meter floor area, made of patented glass, is equipped with LED video elements that minimize reflections. ASB GlassFloor collaborated with the architects from RKD Architects and the lighting experts from ARUP to create a harmonious interior design for the building.

Creating the waterfall required cutting-edge technology: a special laser process was employed to minimize glass reflection, allowing the glass surface to be used as a transparent balustrade with a height of 440 centimeters. This is the world’s first solution of its kind.

The finished installation gives the impression of flowing water, while the floor appears like a water surface. Both elements can be individually controlled via plug-and-play using an HDMI interface, making operation extremely user-friendly. This creates a unique effect for everyone entering the building, and Microsoft gains a range of new possibilities for utilizing the atrium. The floor and waterfall can personally greet visitors, and they can also be used to transform the spacious atrium into a monumental presentation space.

Architects: Gensler and RKD
Architects Design Team: Gensler and RKD Architects Project
Partners: Isophon Glas, Invent Design
Property Owner / Client: Microsoft

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