London Pub(lic) Bathrooms

London Pub(lic) Bathrooms
London – at one of the “most enjoyable” places

London Pub(lic) Bathrooms is a series of images Christof Babinsky has collected in publicly accessible male bath rooms in London and the UK. 

Christof Babinsky states: “it fascinates me how in a country that believes it sits at the peak of human evolution and that has a heritage of global colonisation, yet has moved on to become one of the most inclusive countries in the world people still think it is a good and economically feasible idea to put a separate hot and cold tap on one sink. How do Brits wash their hands? Do they flap them very fast between cold and hot? Do they fill the sink with the right mix of hot and cold – I never see any plugs for the sinks drain, or do they just use cold water – or none? 

Regardless that is just the start. This series of images depicts public bathrooms across London and the UK. Some of these are in very high end locations, others in slightly more low-market drinking places but they have one thing in common, several obvious design and execution faults… fascinating…” 

Series of images digitally available on request or in customised print series on aluminium di-bond. 

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