This is self-creation, emerging from chaos and evolving by itself.

Collection of 10 NFTs pieces
artist creates a visual feedback loop
created in the physical world but only made possible by using a digital recording device
using ASB DigitalWallpaper


Designed by the Artist Marc Gumpinger and the innovator and entrepreneur Christof Babinsky DeepLumen is reshaping architecture.

3x6m self-supporting cube with 2.5m height
entirely designed from special glass
whilst three walls and the ceiling are reflective, the floor and one side wall are translucent screens
800.000 LEDs

Digital Waterfall

A digital lake with a digital waterfall adds a futuristic touch to the spacious atrium of the Microsoft HQ in Dublin.

collaboration between ASB GlassFloor, RKD Architects and ARUP
pixel pitch of 25mm
80sqm floor area
floor and waterfall can personally greet visitors


A collection of images of the futuristic and fascinating Buzludzha Monument in Bulgaria.

Collection of HDR compositions
images taken on more than three occasions visiting the monument
no further editing

London Pub(lic) Bathrooms

Is a series of images Christof Babinsky has collected in publicly accessible male bath rooms in London and the UK. 

toilets and sinks at
very high end locations…
… aswell as low-market drinking places
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